Friday, February 6, 2015


There is nothing worse than an 'out of date' blog. Since the launch of Rigging Projects Ltd, we have been very busy managing our business which took a lot of focus off this site. To simplfy matters, we will mothball this blog and move all our news over to our already very popular facebook page.

Be sure you continue to mail, share, link, etc YOUR rigging news to us and we will do our best to publish it on Facebook.

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Thank you for your visits over the last few years and remember, this is not the end, we are just moving to another platform!

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Tobias Hochreutener

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This has been brewing for a while and its now official. The two biggest players in the composite rigging industry are now one and the same:


(Source: Southern Spars) North Technology Group (NTG) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Future Fibres by Southern Spars. Founded 20 years ago by Tom Hutchinson and based in Valencia, Spain, Future Fibres is a marine industry leader in high performance carbon cables, masts, booms, spreaders and custom components.
Combining these two industry leaders allows Southern Spars the ability develop additional technology for their impressive list of products, services and high performance solutions, in the marine industry and beyond.
“Future Fibres has long been an innovator in the field of advanced fibre rigging” said Tom Whidden, CEO of North Technology Group. “With NTG’s support, Southern Spars now has the resources to provide our customers with a wider range of advanced rigging options. Future Fibres has been built on three main brand values: performance, innovation and dedication. We see the same values within the companies that derive North Technology Group.  This made acquiring Future Fibres a natural fit,” Whidden concluded.
Future Fibres first entered the composite rigging market after Tom Hutchinson devised a way to better terminate composite fibres by continuously winding PBO fibre around two titanium thimbles at any required length. Future Fibres’ approach has allowed composite rigging to be used on every area of the boat and not restricted to just aft rigging as it historically was before.
“The team at Southern Spars is excited about the acquisition of Future Fibres,” said Richard Lott, CEO of Southern Spars. “The mast and rigging market is quite depressed after the GFC which has been putting pressure on Southern Spars and Future Fibres’ business.  However, the Future Fibres team have developed some advanced mast moulding technologies which complement our advanced computer-based rig design tools,” said Lott. “The combination of technologies and  engineering excellence will provide a refined and optimised rig solution for every customer in the future.”
“Future Fibres’ DNA is technology based and customer friendly,” explained founder Tom Hutchinson. “The ability continue to innovate with North Technology Group is something that will allow my original dream to prosper. I very much look forward to working with all at Southern Spars and all of NTG.”

Sunday, November 2, 2014


With the Route du Rhum kicking off, Lorima Masts have put out an impressive summary of the masts carrying their logo in this years' event. Check it:

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rigging Projects: The Ultimate Spike

(Source: Rigging Projects) We have taken the ordinary spike and turned it into a work of art. Beautifully machined out of grade 5 titanium, this spike will be last one you'll ever buy, provided you securely fasten it to you harness using the recessed lanyard attachment!

GBP 77.00 (excl. shipping)
Delivery world wide

Monday, July 28, 2014

Stepping Day

(Source: Rigging Projects) Friday was stepping day in ’72 Alley’, after a busy week at the STP boat yard in Palma de Mallorca. 'Shockwave' kicked off proceedings early in the morning, stepping their Future Fibres mast in preparation of Copa Del Rey.

'Jethou' followed with their Hall / Carbo-Link package and 'Bella Mente' finally released the crane in the afternoon after making quick work of stepping their Hall mast.

The other two 72' mini maxis in the yard, 'Robertissima' and 'Ran', who both sport complete Southern Spars packages, didn’t unstep between the Rolex Giraglia race and the upcoming regatta in Palma, complete the line up at STP boatyard.

The boats will be launching today except for ‘JV72 Ran’ as the crew is competing in the TP52 Super Series instead. All the boats are scheduled to re-measure, suggesting significant changes. We also expect the arrival of 'Alegre' today in Palma, who will complete the 72’ fleet for Copa Del Rey.

Bring on the racing!

Tobias Hochreutener

Rigging Projects

Monday, June 30, 2014

Carbo News

(Source: Carbo-Link) Lionheart fitted Carbo-Link’s carbon standing rigging in April and has won both regattas sailed this year. She  followed up her convincing win in Mahon, to win the  J Class Superyacht Cup in Palma.

The rigging cables  are smaller in diameter and the cable stiffnesses are considerably higher  than the rigging  used  by  the  other J Class  yachts competing. 

The custom  designed rigging package resulted in a  low windage solution using internal  diagonal terminations.

A  fibre optic load sensor is incorporated in the headstay. The data produced has been useful to confirm  design loads and analyse  the load variation while sailing in waves.
Dr. Andy Winistörfer, CEO of Carbo-Link, spent several days leading up to both regattas with the Lionheart team  providing technical input to optimise rig tune.

“It has been exciting to be part of a motivated team leading up to their second consecutive win. The  team has been receptive to advanced ideas and technical concepts  in order to achieve considerable performance gains”

By choosing Carbo-Link, Lionheart has joined a prestigious group of  champions which includes the current winners of the Americas Cup, Louis Vuitton Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, Transat Jacques Vabre  and the C Class World Championship.

Carbo-Link’s reputation for engineering excellence and Swiss manufacturing technology  resulted in all four  AC72 America’s  Cup  teams choosing Carbo-Link for their platform and Wing rigging, where performance and reliabiablity  are paramount to success

Carbo-Link has been manufacturing and developing rigging since 2001.
In 2003 Carbo-Link supplied rigging to the Orma 60 Banque Covefi which become the first full carbon rigged yacht to race across the Alantic Ocean.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

New (Flatten) Batten Development

Dan Primrose from Primrose Fry Technologies shares an exclusive update of their 'Flattens' development with Rigging News:

For those who only have a few spare moments in the day, here is a quick overview of the key points that have come out of the last two years of development that Dan and Simon have done, that ultimately led to a J-111 in the USA, called "Spaceman Spiff" winning her class at Quantum Key West Race week earlier this year, with a full set of Flattens in their Light-Medium Jib. The feedback from the trimmers and sail makers on and off the boat was nothing but extremely positive and the Flattens had allowed them to trim the sail in ways that were not possible with existing furling battens systems. The full story can of course be seen on previous posts here.

Here are some of the images from that week, from North Sails library:

J111 Spaceman Spiff with NS LM jib with full set of Flattens
J-111 "Spaceman Spiff" with NS L-M Jib with full set of Flattens

J-111 Spaceman Spiff with NS L-M jib with Flattens
J-111 "Spaceman Spiff" with NS L-M Jib with full set of Flattens
J-111 Spaceman Spiff with NS LM Jib with full set of Flattens
Close up of Lower Flatten on J-111 "Spaceman Spiff"
J-111 Spaceman Spiff with NS LM jib with full set of Flattens
Furled jib on J-111 "Spaceman Spiff" with full set of Flattens

Up until Key West, most of the work done was on J-111's and J-109's in the UK, where the unique design of the sail pocket allows the Flattens to be simply retrofitted to any appropriate sail. 
Furled Flattens (© 2014 Primrose Fry Technologies)
2 off 1000mm Furled Flattens
When Simon and Dan started this project, they were pretty sure that the furling ability of the product would be good, but were not 100% sure about the sailing performance. However, these doubts were very quickly dismissed when images of the J111 sail were compared to the original design files, and showed to be "almost spot on".

So here are some images that we can show, that will hopefully show why PFT's confidence level is so high. Most of the testing that has been done has been in lighter winds, which as anyone who has used a furling batten knows, is the hardest conditions to get them to work as they should (i.e. produce a tight furl whilst still giving the correct profile for the flying sail). Testing has of course been done in all conditions up to near gale force and were all very successful; "the Flattens were faultless and very good value" to quote the owner of the boat that was racing, shorthanded, offshore. In these extremes of conditions, the simple fact that the Flattens are "stable" in both sailing and furled forms, makes them unique and will give the end user the advantage they are looking for.

© 2014 Primrose Fry Technologies Limited
J-111 Code 3.5 Jib Furled with Full set of Flattens
© 2014 Primrose Fry Technologies Limited
J-111 Code 3.5 jib Upwind with Full set of Flattens in 9kn TWS
This sequence of images were taken in early 2012. They clearly show the sail shape, both furled and unfurled.

Here is a clip, again from the J-111, sailing and furling with a full set of Flattens in about 9 knots TWS.

As mentioned, Dan & Simon have also been developing the Flattens for In Mast furling. This testing is still on-going whilst they concentrate on the final spec for the baseline Jib Flattens but is a short clip showing some of that work, done at Seldon Mast in the UK on their test rig.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Pros

Southern Spars announces new management team for Rig Pro International 

(Source: Southern Spars) Southern Spars is pleased to announce the new Rig Pro International management team, led by Des Davis and supported by Gavin McPherson. Both Davis and McPherson are extremely passionate sailors and have a wealth of experience in the yachting industry that will see them take Rig Pro from strength to strength. The duo is committed to continuing to grow the existing market share and reputation of the global Rig Pro network.  

Des Davis (left) and Gavin McPherson (right)

Having worked for Rig Pro International for over a year, Davis will now oversee every aspect of the Rig Pro International operation, managing the Rig Pro International team with efficiency and ensuring a smooth experience for customers. Hailing from the South Island of New Zealand Davis cites sailing as his true passion, and also rebuilds classic yachts in his spare time. “I am looking forward to leading Rig Pro International to being the ultimate solution to all things above the deck,” he says. Customer service is a passion and in his time at Rig Pro International to date Davis has been focused on growing the business into a more customer focused service network with the introduction of the Infusion management system. “The Infusion system has increased the customer service by better database management, financial tracking and pricing, which in turn has allowed for better planned lead times and customer management”, he says. “I am confident with the support of Gavin and Southern Spars that we can manage emergency work, planned warranty work, rebuilds, change outs, design and manufacture far more efficiently than we have done so in the past”. 

Supporting Davis in his role, McPherson’s main remit will be to manage the planned and emergency work for Rig Pro International customers, facilitating co-ordination between the customer and Southern Spars and Rig Pro International teams. A background in engineering and sailing, together with extensive knowledge of the products and how they are used and abused places him in good stead for this role. Having learnt to sail in Tauranga, McPherson began his sailing career racing One Design models, before progressing to working with some of the world’s most prestigious yachts and marine companies, including a stint as boat captain on Alpha Romeo II. “I have always seen Southern Spars as a great company with excellent products and I am delighted to be a part of it and help make a great company greater,” he says. “My goal is to help build the service department into a recognised and integral part of the Southern Spars brand, providing the best mast solutions in the world as a whole.” McPherson says his long-term focus is to continually increase the high efficiency and effectiveness of the company to make it easier for staff and customers to achieve the best solutions.

Rig Pro Auckland 

A division of Southern Spars, Rig Pro International provides a comprehensive mobile refit and repair service for all yachts and rigs with service points in New Zealand, South Africa, the USA and Spain. The team regularly work with some of the world’s most spectacular yachts. An impressive new base in the heart of Auckland’s marine district has meant invaluable increased capacity and waterfront access for the Rig Pro NZ team.